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Can you help me?

I need a place to live.

I need to eat.

I need clothes and shoes.

I need medical care.

I need to go to school.

I am in Haiti.

I need your love.


  • Half of the children die before their fifth birthday.
  • Per capita income is 1$ a day.
  • Four of every five are unemployed.
  • Only one in five has suitable drinking water.
  • There's only one doctor for every 14,000 people.
  • Four out of five are illiterate.
  • Only one child in four goes to school long enough to learn to read.
Will you sponsor me?

Please contact:


32 Sky-Hy Drive

Topsham, ME 04086

Phone: 207.725.7577

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  • Alliance of Love is an association of American and Haitian Christians who share a special love and concern for the poor in Haiti.
  • Normand Houde directs the work of a committed all-volunteer staff, serving without pay in the U.S.
  • Karl Nozil, a Haitian, heads up the work of Alliance d'Amour at our outreach centers, schools and orphanage in Haiti with a paid full-time staff as well as several volunteers.
  • Alliance members include a growing number of donors, sponsors and participants throughout the U.S. and Haiti.


We educate, feed, clothe, provide medical care and Christian formation for hundreds of Haitian children and their families. These children are being sponsored by caring people throughout the U.S. Their parents receive literacy training, health care and instruction, counseling, and emergency financial assistance.

Those who are helped become part of the team - reaching out to help others. Our programs are growing and developing at a rapid rate.

The people of Haiti are a beautiful, talented, appealing people who have been plagued by oppression and poverty for 200 years and are now being ravaged by tuberculosis, dysentery, AIDS, and malnutrition. They are our close neighbors (just an hour from Miami) - and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, ranking with Fourth-World Ethiopia and Bangladesh.


In Haiti many families are forced to give up their children because they are no longer able to care for their basic needs. Many are left in the streets to become beggars and die. We want to help put an end to this atrocity and enable children to survive.

You can sponsor a family for just 66 cents per day. Your $25.00 monthly contribution will provide regular financial assistance to a family of one of our school children or to a family in City Soleil - the worst slum in the Western Hemisphere.

You can educate a child with a pledge of just 50 cents per day. Your monthly contribution of $15.00 will provide a child with education at one of our schools in Haiti and provide spiritual and social support for the child and family.

You can help an older student with a monthly pledge of $20.00. Your monthly contribution will help provide a young adult with the opportunity to complete his educational goals.

You can sponsor an orphaned or abandoned child for $1 per day"

It truly is in giving that we receive...experience the joy of giving today! God bless you!